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Over a hundred years ago, in 1890, the TSANTALI family began making wines and distilling ouzo and tsipouro in eastern Thrace.
Evangelos Tsantalis founded the company out of deep respect for the beauty of the land and a strong commitment to quality. The spirit and tradition of nurturing the vines to yield the most precious grapes and of a proud winemaking heritage continued to evolve through the passage of time.
In 1945 Evangelos Tsantalis establishes his distillery in Thessaloniki and in 1970 he founds the Tsantali winery in Naousa. On a visit to the holy monastic state of Mount Athos two years later, in 1972, Evangelos Tsantalis decides to bring the Mount Athos Vineyards back to life and the monastic tradition of the Mount Athos wine to the 'outside world'.Read full story.
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Evagelos Tsantalis
Evangelos Tsantalis
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